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Email Marketing Wins the Day

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Email Marketing Wins the Day

Email marketing brings phenomenal results across several industries.  While the cost of most traditional advertising premiums are rising, email marketing continues to be a low cost means for merchants to reach out to consumers.  Digital advertising is more popular than ever, in fact last year the dollars spent on digital advertising surpassed those spent on print, and that number does not even include email advertising. Mobile advertising is also picking up, but email continues to be the workhorse of the digital arena.

By comparison, email marketing wins the direct ROI contest with little comparison.  For example, print catalogues generally report an ROI of $7.30, internet display ads (aka banners) yield an ROI of $19.72, and Search Engine advertising yields $22.24.  Email marketing has left all those media in the dust generating a whopping $39.45 ROI. In addition to this direct ROI, email marketing also generates business that can’t be traced directly.  Many consumers will receive an offer via email, and then buy the product at a brick and mortar location instead of clicking through to the purchase online.

The biggest advantage to email marketing to the local merchant is affordability.  Marketing to one’s existing data base is virtually free, and campaigns outside the company data base can be generated at a fraction of the cost of television, radio, newspaper, or direct mail. If you have questions about an email campaign for your company, give us a call here at GoLoco Media.

All data in this article is from the Direct Marketing Association.

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