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Know Your Target

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Know Your Target

Advertising works much like networking.  Imagine you are standing at a networking function and you have 60 seconds to tell the room exactly who you like to serve.  Who is your best customer?  In that arena you have to be precise.  You only get one pitch, many times only once a month. It has to be memorable and specific.  I have met some superb networkers over the years and the one thing they all have in common is that they make it easy for others to refer business to them.  They constantly tell everyone around them exactly who they were looking for.  The best networkers make it clear that they don’t want you to send them just anyone.

The funny thing is, when it comes to advertising the same principle applies, but is rarely used.  Know who you are looking for before you pick any advertising product.  Many merchants spend their whole advertising budgets on a shot-gun advertising approach.  An example would be the Mexican restaurant down the street that spends a ton of money in a city-wide publication, when 98% of their clientele live within 3 to 4 miles of their establishment.  They should cancel that ad, and send an impressive piece to a tight radius around their place, and send it way more often.

 In this economy smart money wins!

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