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Coupontagious.com - Ready for Takeoff!

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Coupontagious.com - Ready for Takeoff!

Here at GoLoco we are so excited about the launch of Coupontagious.com.  The program is in a local pilot launch right now, but will go national soon enough!  Coupontagious.com is a revolutionary tool that connects local merchants with local consumers. 

At GoLoco Media we have a history of successful product launches. In 1999, it all started with the online advertising community sendmoreinfo.com.  At its peak, sendmoreinfo.com boasted a membership of over 3 million users.  We followed that up with the family friendly gaming site kerclink.com, another win.  In 2008, we reached out to the comic and pop culture collectors of the world with comiccollectorlive.com.  That site has grown to be the world’s largest online collections of comics and collectables with over 1.5 million items for sale, and over 150 comic stores.

And now…our most aggressive project yet.  Our goal is to change the way people shop, and level the playing field between local merchants and national chains.  We’ll do this by creating the largest group of shoppers in history.  When we reach that goal, we will not only have enormous bargaining power, but also an engaged audience for merchants to offer services.  It’s a true win for everyone!

If you have questions about bringing coupontagious.com to your area, call the office any time at 615-264-4747.

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